Holy Communion with Prayer for Healing and Wholeness

We hold services of Holy Communion with prayers for healing and wholeness once a month on the evening of the first Sunday of the month in order to focus more specifically on our need for healing and wholeness than we do at other services. Many members of our church, as part of their Christian discipleship, visit people who are sick in body, mind or spirit on a regular basis. Their ministry in this community also forms part of the focus for our prayers.


These services include singing and often include opportunities for people to pray out loud if they wish.


We also offer a ministry of laying on of hands and say specific prayers for healing and wholeness. Members of the congregation are very welcome to come forward for prayers for themselves or for another person. However, people are not obliged to and not everybody does.

We believe that prayer can heal. We believe that it can bring comfort and perspective. We do not believe that praying for healing necessarily means we do not also need the healing ministry of doctors and other medical practitioners.


If you want to talk about your need for healing with a priest, or another person for whom you are praying, please contact the church or speak to a priest after the service.

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Page last updated: 25th February 2019 11:00 AM