"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."

Funerals during the Covid-19 pandemic

If someone you know and love has recently died, during this time of social distancing you are still able to have a small funeral held at our church, or by a graveside, or at a crematorium, led by a Church of England minister. The main constraints during the pandemic are that we are not allowed congregational singing and we cannot have more than 30 people at the funeral.

However, we are still able to offer a personalised and comforting funeral which places your grief within the bigger account of eternal life and love. You may also like to think about planning a memorial service for a later date, and we would be delighted to accommodate this at church.

We are also still offering pastoral support by phone, including the Last Rites, and we can support you by phone or online in the days and weeks after a bereavement if needed.

If you are unable to attend a funeral which is still happening with others attending

  • Download a simple service to say at home if you are unable to attend a funeral here.

  • Why not take a few moments to think, write, or draw some of your memories of the person? Later you may be able to share that with others at a special memorial service.

  • You can still pray at home –see here for some ideas.

  • You could also read a poem or look at Psalm 23.

  • You can light a candle online by following this link.

  • You could write a card to others who are missing the person you are grieving.

  • Remember that when this crisis is over [and it will pass] there will always be services for remembering organised by the church and anyone can go to these services.

  • It may be possible to follow a copy of the order of service that the family have prepared or to watch the service via a livestream (many funeral venues are offering the latter).

  • It may also be possible for the local church to help you organise a formal or informal service to remember afterwards.

If you were unable to say goodbye

For more information please contact the vicar Rev Robin Pye 

01625 581477    revrobinpye@gmail.com     07794 122602


With thanks to Revd Bryony Taylor for the above wording and resources.

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Nothing in life can prepare us for the death of a loved one