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What is GraveTalk?

  • GraveTalk is a simple way to help people get together and talk about death, dying and funerals.
  • It is a format that has been developed by the Church of England. 
  • It has been tried and tested over the last few years and has proved successful and popular.


So, what happens?

  • People arrive and are offered a warm drink.
  • There is some time to mingle and chat.
  • There is then a formal welcome and a prayer is said.
  • We then split into groups of 3 or 4. Each group has a pile of cards.  
  • Each card has a question on it. The cards are used to start conversations.
  • The questions help us to talk about how we feel when we lose a loved one.
  • These feelings include what it makes us think about God or heaven.
  • Nobody tells you what to think or what to feel. 
  • The idea is that by talking about it, we may get a better understanding of what we are thinking and feeling.


So, is it for me?

  • We hope it is something that helps anybody who is thinking about a loved one who has died.
  • We don't mind what your religious beliefs are, or if you have not got any.
  • We are organising this in the hope that it will help people, bring people together and be a comfort and a blessing to people who are mourning.


More Information

Link to Church of England GraveTalk.


When is the next one?

Link to Gravetalk Dates.


Nothing in life can prepare us for the death of a loved one

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