Civic Service

Date: 18th September 2022

Time: 10:00

On Sunday 18th September at 10am we will be holding the annual Civic Service in church in conjunction with the Parish Council.

This service is designed to be as inclusive as a church service can possibly be to allow as many members of our community to attend and participate with complete integrity.

This year we want to reflect on our community’s experiences of lockdown.

One element of this will be to mourn for those we lost during the pandemic.

We will also reflect on the other forms of suffering we experienced; the economic dislocation, the stress, the isolation etc.

And we also want to celebrate all the ways our community came together and give thanks for the heroes who kept going to work in difficult, uncertain and dangerous circumstances.

Have you got any ideas about what we could include in the service? Are you aware of any particular stories of heroism, or suffering, or of the community working well together? Would you like to contribute something in the way of a poem, a piece of music or a work of art? Please contact the vicar on revrobinpye@gmail.com if you would like to contribute.


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