It costs £130,000 a year to keep this church open.

This pays for the upkeep of the building, so that it remains open to the public as a quiet, beautiful and spiritual place to come to pray, to baptise children, to celebrate weddings and to hold memorial services for our loved ones who have died.

It also pays for the ministry of the church to families, to people who have suffered bereavement, to the sick, the hungry, the lonely; all sorts of people who find themselves in difficulty.  It pays for our young people to be supported as they grow in faith and for all sorts of teaching and learning to take place.  This work is led by a full-time paid vicar but also relies on the work of many volunteers.

Over half of the money we raise is given to the church by people who worship here regulalry.  About 5% comes from money given by people who attend a particular service either because they are passing through or because they have come to support a baptism, wedding or funeral service.

Our church is flourishing in many ways.  However, in terms of finances, we are only just about able to meet our targets.  It would make a huge difference to us if those people who have appreciated our church building as a quiet place to pray or have seen the impact of our ministry on the lives of people they love, donated the kind of amounts of money they would spend in a coffee shop, at the cinema or in a pub.  If people got used to making contributions of that nature and magnitude, our financial worries would disappear and we could spend more time reaching and transforming more people’s lives.

In particular, at this moment in time, we are about to embark on a programme of repairs to our organ.  This will cost us around £60,000, of which we have raised around £40,000.  So you will appreciate, for an organisation with an annual budget of £130,000, that is not insignificant.

Yet at the same time, it is important to us that everybody in our community and everybody who passes through feels they can come here.  To allow us to do that, if you are able to be generous, please can you give what you can.

Thank you very much for your support.

Rev’d Robin Pye

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