• Work on the Spire begins!

    After some delay of the wrong type of scaffolding turning up we are now on our way with the restoration and repair. The whole project will take around six months to complete including internal reorganisation to build toilets and a tea station in the church itself. Also we will have a fantastic local historical display which we hope you will all come to see when it is finally finished.

    (Many apologies to those temporarily inconvenienced by Church Lane being blocked and parking restricted

    'Unless The Lord build the house, the labourers work is on vain' Psalm 125

    We trust God is leading us in this and that it will be of great benefit to the community in Alderley Edge.

    Revd Jane Parry


  • This Week



    Food waste has become an issue… the Fairtrade movement progresses but it  is not a dominant feature of our shopping habits… Farm prices and particularly milk prices in the Dairy Industry…Fast food and levels of sugar and other pervasive additives… Eating to live or living to eat, as obesity increasingly becomes a heavy burden on the medical services with its health implications – generally an unhealthy attitude to FOOD MATTERS which we hope to stir up in ourselves and in others throughout this coming year.