Morality Tales

Morality Tales - Moral Dilemmas of our time

St Philips and St James Church in Alderley Edge is sponsoring a series of four public talks that focus on moral questions of our time. The speakers -- the broadcaster Ernie Rea and the academic Philip Alexander – have been asked to choose two moral dilemmas each, introduce and explore them, and then lead a session of comment and question. The dilemmas will be tough, and neither speaker will claim to have the definitive solution. They will try and set out the issues in a clear and engaging way, and inviting the audience to provide their own perspectives. The aim is to foster the art of civilized discussion and to reflect more deeply on some of the issues behind the news.

All talks start at 7:30pm. Tickets cost £10. Click here for further information.

Is mass killing ever justified? – Tuesday 9th November – Ernie Rea

On August 6th 1945 an American plane dropped an Atom Bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, killing at least 100000 people. Did the nuclear bombs bring the Second World War to an end, saving countless lives? Can such mass destruction ever be justified?
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How should we commemorate the Holocaust? – Tuesday 25th January – Philip Alexander

What drove the Nazis to launch their murderous campaign against Jews? The British Government has just given the green light to a Holocaust Memorial in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament. How should we commemorate this horrific event?
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Means and Ends. Is it right to use Violence to promote Social Justice? Tuesday 22nd February - Ernie Rea

In Latin America the church has supported many movements for democracy and social justice and has experienced violence and oppression when it has done so. As a result, thousands, of Catholic priests and lay people have taken up the bomb and the bullet to resist unjust regimes. Why did these Christians ‘turn Communist’ and were they morally right to do so?
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What should we do with tainted money? – Tuesday 15th March – Philip Alexander

Imperialism brought great wealth to this country. Some of that wealth was channelled into philanthropic, educational and cultural causes. What is the right way to use this wealth in the twenty first century? What is the appropriate way to recognise where this wealth came from?  
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